International Family Therapy Association


Officers and Board of IFTA

The International Family Therapy Association has a distinguished Board of Directors and officers, all leaders in the family therapy field in their respective countries and recognized around the world. Meet your Board and officers.

IFTA Board of Directors, July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


Warwick Phipps, PHD, South Africa (2017-2019)

Joyce Ma, PhD, Hong Kong (2019-2021)

Ruth Casabianca, PhD, Argentina (2015-2017)

Recording Secretary
Anna Low, MSocScc, Singapore (2014-2017)

Desiree Seponski, PhD, USA  (2016-2018)

Directors At Large

2015-2018, Term ends June 30, 2018
Reggie Berger, PhD, Switzerland
Gloria Baldwin Schultz, MPS, Canada
Takeshi Tamura, MD, Japan

2016-2019, Term ends June 30, 2019
Ozge Alkanat, Ph.D., Turkey
Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MS, Canada
Anibal Torres, Ph.D., USA

2017-2020, Term Ends June 30, 2020
Dorothy Becvar, PhD, USA
Gun Kristina Drott-Englên, MSW, Sweden
Jake Johnson, PhD, USA


General Secretary
William J. Hiebert, DMin

Congress CFO and Membership Director
Fred L.H. Jefferson

Congress Event Manager
Doug Tschopp

Journal of Family Psychotherapy Editor
Christian Jordal, PhD, USA

Research E-forum Editor
Jake Johnson, Ph.D., 2015 – 2018